Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of timber management is based on all-aged management using the single tree selection system of harvesting of forest products. Each tree is selected for harvest based on its own merits. Trees are harvested because they have reached financial maturity, they are diseased or defective, or when they become too thick to grow properly. We ordinarily mark 30% to 40% of the total sawlog volume in our thinnings.
We believe in managing land for optimum production of good-quality pine and hardwood sawlogs. Pine pulpwood harvesting is held to a minimum and is only done when stands become too thick to grow properly or become unhealthy due to overcrowding. Hardwood pulpwood is removed from pine land to promote reseeding of pine and to reduce competition for the pine stands. We believe in growing pine on pine land and hardwood on good hardwood land.

We firmly believe in maximizing income from the land based on timber growth and the lands ability to produce timber, but we advocate cutting less than growth in order to gradually increase stocking on the land. We never overcut a tract unless the owner instructs us to do so. Volume has increased dramatically on lands which we have managed over a long period of time, even though substantial cuts have been made.


It is our belief that sawtimber should be sold by sealed bids in lump-sum sales. We allow two year timber deeds with all money paid up front. The volume estimates of timber to be sold are very important for sales such as this. They must be accurate and we pride ourselves in providing accurate tallies of timber to be sold.


We make recommendations for what we believe to be proper management of the land and then confer with the owners to see if we are in agreement. The owners always have the final option on what is to be done and when.


Multiple use management is a term that we hear a lot these days and we practice this as much as is practical. We personally believe that proper timber management is also proper game management and also leaves the forest in good condition for other recreational activities. All of these are taken into consideration in formalizing our management plans.


We are firm believers in keeping up with all legislation that might affect landowners and do this through membership in landowners organizations such as the Arkansas Forestry Association, Forest Landowners Association, and Louisiana Forestry Association. Every effort is made to keep abreast of all tax changes and other changes which might affect our clients.

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