Long Term Management

We are presently managing some 125,000 acres of privately owned timberlands in south Arkansas, north Louisiana, east Texas, and Oklahoma.

We offer an independent, professional service working for and in the best interest of the private landowner. We manage timber for the maximum dollar return to the owner and at the same time perpetuate it so that regular harvests may be made on a sustained yield basis.

The greatest value obtained from our services is in the fact that we are working for the landowner and not for a timber dealer who might be buying the timber. Timber buyers are skilled professionals and we believe that landowners need a professional representing their interests. This puts timber sales on a competitive, business-like basis and protects the landowner fully instead of having to depend entirely upon the integrity of the timber buyer. Also, with our intimate knowledge of all timber markets in this area, we can obtain absolute top market value for all of your timber.


The complete management service that we offer consists of the following:

  • Making recommendations for cutting or other treatment of each area so that it will attain maximum sustained production.
  • Selective marking of all timber to be harvested. A 100% tally is made of all timber marked so that an accurate volume estimate is made of timber to be sold.
  • Securing markets for all marked timber so that maximum value may be obtained. This is done by taking sealed competitive bids on each individual sale and includes the handling of all details of timber sales including sales agreements, timber deeds, etc.
  • Personal inspection of harvesting operations to insure that no timber is wasted in any way and that good principles of conservation are observed.
  • Volume checks to insure that good scale is obtained and that you are paid for all timber severed from your land.
  • Regular inspections of all of your land to prevent or detect timber trespass or encroachment of any kind and to detect insect or fire damage.
  • Assisting in all improvement work such as tree planting and herbaceous or other spraying.


We make timber inventories as a separate service. This includes complete volume estimates, timber type maps, and recommendations for treatment of all stands. This gives you a complete inventory of what is on the land and what it needs to give the landowner the greatest return on your investment. An inventory is very beneficial in establishing a management plan for any forest.

We provide color timber type maps that show each separate timber stand classification with recommendations necessary for each stand in order to optimize timber productivity. A prescription is made for each stand as the inventory is performed and then used to help prepare a formal management plan for the property. The maps are drawn in a “user friendly” format while providing an abundance of information to the landowner. They show areas or stands in need of thinning or improvement cuts, or a recommended number of years before any harvests are necessary. Areas requiring planting, spraying, injection of weed trees or other cultural treatments are delineated. Creeks, roads of all types, pipelines, powerlines, buildings or other improvements are also shown.

A separate detailed write-up is provided for each tract. This provides additional information and concise recommendations that cannot be shown on the maps or volume summary. Other observations and comments are addressed here.

The timber inventory is highly recommended and it lets the landowner know exactly what he has in timber products and where tree planting and other improvement work needs to be done.

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