Recreational License Program

We offer a Recreational License Program to our clients. Our main concern is that the landowner be properly covered by adequate liability insurance.

The program includes the following:

  • For land already leased, we contact the present lessees and offer them first choice of the land under our new program.
  • For land not presently leased, we post notices on the land itself stating that it is available for lease. We also place ads in local papers to make the public aware of any leases that are available.
  • Preparation of all leases and lease renewals on an annual basis. By having annual leases, this gives us the opportunity to weed out any undesirables who may have caused problems.
  • Procurement of a $1,000,000 hunting lease liability policy which will cover all leases handled by Neill Forestry Consultants. We will pay the annual premium and will see that each of our landowners is fully protected.
  • Handling all details concerning the leases and any problems that might arise concerning the leases. The leases in no way affect the timber management or logging operations on the property. This is spelled out in the leases so that there will be no misunderstandings concerning normal management activities.


The fee structure which we propose is to charge the lessee $6.00 per acre for the lease. For the administration of the leases, $1 per acre is paid to Neill Forestry Consultants, and $5 per acre is paid to the landowner. The Lessee pays the insurance fee.

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